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bulletEUROCOAT ’98 - Barcelona  Spain
bulletFARBE ’99 Koeln - Germany
bulletEUROPEAN COATINGS SHOW ‘99 - Nuremberg Germany
bulletEUROCOAT ’99 - Lyon France
bulletSAIEDUE 2000 - Bologna Italy
bulletPINTURAMA 2000 - Valencia Spain
bulletPANAMA Republic of Panama
bulletSURFEX Harrogate - UK
bulletEUROCOAT 2000 - Torino Italy
bulletMACHEVO 2000 – Utrecht – Holland 
bulletFARBE 2002 - Munich - Germany
bulletIBF 2003 - Brno - Czech Rep.
bulletCHINACOAT 2003 - Shanghai - China
bulletFARBE 2005 - Koeln - Germany
bullet FARBE 2007 - Koeln - Germany
bulletEUROPEAN COATINGS SHOW 2011 - Nuremberg - Germany


Barcelona  Spain
Since 25 years, it is considered as a landmark for the main producers coming from countries of Southern Europe, operating in the decorative and building paints, ink, chemical raw materials, glue and adhesives fields. The exhibition take place every year in the most important European towns of the Mediterranean basin and the edition held in Barcelona, from September, 30th to October, 02nd , has been our first participation. During the exhibition we introduced for the first time our innovative electronic tinting machine LYNX. An exhibition area of 10.000 sq. Mt. have been hosted 310 Exhibitors with an attendance of more than 6.000 trade operators.

It is an Exhibition held every three years alternatively in München or in Koeln from March, 25th to 28th . It is probably one of the most important exhibition concerning this field; 50.000 sq. Mt exhibition area have been hosted this year more than 400 Exhibitors working in fields as the decorative and protective coatings and the care and restoration of monuments and buildings. The fair, in which we were present this year, was the ideal setting for the introduction on the world market, of our mixer PUMA. It has been registered, moreover, a remarkable attendance with more than 65.000 visitors coming from over 65 different countries in the world!


Koeln  Germany


Nuremberg Germany
It is a biennial fair, with an international wide-ranging participation that takes place in Germany. In the 1999 edition, from April, 13th to 15th , we have exhibited our complete range of tinting machines and mixers. The Exhibition brings together the main producer linked with the coatings industry, raw material and semimanufactured products, printing ink and adhesives. The results gained were in order to 569 Exhibitors on over 33.000 sq. Mt of exhibition area and 11.000 visitors in average.
The 1999 edition of the Fair, from September, 14th to 16th , has seen the international preview introduction of our brand new manual tinting machine OCTOPUS. The Exhibition, only for operators, is not only addressed to the producers involved with the traditional fields such as coatings, glues, adhesives and inks but it is turned also through additional activities as the qualification of the professional training, the laboratory equipment, handling and storage equipment industries. More than 15.000 sq. Mt. have been hosted over 300 Exhibitors coming from 37 different countries.


Lyon France


Bologna  Italy

It is an annual fair, probably the most relevant in this field in Italy, held this year from March 15th to 19th. It brings together the main operators linked with the building restoration, interior architecture and design and finishing. During the edition of this year, we have introduced our Technical Assistance Service, present throughout the county. This year visitors are increased in a measure of 2,3% more than the past edition (116.972 visitors) on 161.000 sq. mt. exhibition area.

It is a biennial Fair, dedicated to trade operators. During its VI° edition, from March 29th to April 1st, we have exhibited part of our range of tinting machines and mixers. An exhibition area of 4.000 sq.mt. It has been hosted 96 Exhibitors with an attendance of more than 6.200 trade operators. 


Valencia Spain


Colon free zone – Republic of Panama – June/December 2000

From June 16th to December 31st 2000, we will be present in the Colon free zone of Panama, for the exclusive presentation of our products on the Panamanian market and, in general, on the South America continent. The promotion of our machines will be managed by audio-visual media and it will be present a sales promoter able to inform and help customers in the choice of the right products for their needs.
It is a biennial Fair, considered certainly among the most important events in the British market for coatings, chemical field, raw materials and industrial equipment. The latest edition held in June, 20th and 21st, it has been our first participation on the Great Britain market. Over 7.000 sq.mt. of surface area, have been hosted 150 Exhibitors about with an attendance of 3.000 visitors in average.


Harrogate UK


Torino Italy

Traveling exhibition, held every year in the most important European cities. It is considered the main launching pad for the producers of paints, inks, chemical raw materials, glue and adhesives. During the edition held from September 19th to 21st, we exhibited part of our range of tinting machines and mixers. More than 15.000 sq. Mt. hosted 370 Exhibitors coming from many different countries.

Our seller E&R Chemicals & Equipment BV introduced during the MACHEVO 2000 Exhibition, held in Utrecht from October 09th to 13th, the tinting machine WILDCAT and the mixer PUMA. This exhibition represents, in the Benelux countries, the ideal launching pad for the chemical engineering industry. Moreover, the exhibition space has been rewarded the prize for the best machinery presentation. This prize is conferred every three years by the Organization of the Machevo Exhibition. MACHEVO 2000

Utrecht – Holland 


Chicago U.S.A.


’This show, existing since 1932, reached this year its 78th edition. It is considered the most important meeting for the multicolored world of paints, coatings and respective services, equipment and raw materials. The 2000 edition of the show, with many international guests, conventions and meetings, was held from October 18 to October 20. On that occasion we introduced WILDCAT and PUMA machines for the first time on the American market.On almost 100.000 sq. Mt. the Exhibition gave hospitality to 375 Exhibitors coming from all over the world.
’The 2000 edition of this Exhibition, held this year from November 07th to November 9th, represented a remarkable step forward in the quality of both the supply and the demand on the Polish market. Judging on the increase in the number of Exhibitors and of professional operators, we may well say that this Exhibition earned a growing general interest. It is now considered the most important Exhibition in this field in Poland as well as the ideal launching pad for all companies wishing to make the best presentation ever for their new products on the Polish market.


Katowice Poland


FARBE 2002

Munich - Germany

FARBE International Show, from April 11th to 14th 2002 in Munich. A dedicated Exhibition, unique in the world and the biggest in its field; it provides for the highest professional level contacts both for exhibitors and visitors. A Show completely devoted to colour, buildings preparation and protection.

Our distributor REPLAC B-M a.s. shows in this very prestigious professional Fair with an international reputation – No. 1 in Central and Eastern Europe – held from April 13th to 17th 2003, a part of our wide range of tinting machines and mixers.

IBF 2003 - International Building Fair

Brno - Czech Rep.



Shanghai - China 


CHINACOAT occupied a record 12.400 square meters og gross exhibit space, with a total of 337  direct exhibitors, representing 526 companies from 26 countries/regions. As result of 8 years' build-up, most world-class suppliers have been regulary exhibiting in Chinacoat.

Taking place every three years, Farbe is the event for the entire sector. Products, innovations, application technologies and market trends – that’s Farbe, the leading international trade fair for paint, decorating and building protection.


FARBE 2005

koeln - Germany 



FARBE 2007

Koeln - Germany

One of the most in its sector held from April 18th to 21st 2007 in Koeln. It has been the ideal location for us to introduce on the market our brand-new electronic tinting machines BBCAT and LEOPARD, the manual gravimetric machine COUGAR and manual tinting machine OCTOPUS 20 Nd HK2 that complete our full range of products to really fulfil every Customer’s need in the tinting system field. A great impact booth, tinting machines for any application and an increasing number of visitors coming from everywhere that put our success on a sound basis.

The exhibition, that took place from March 29th to 30th 2011, once again filed the presence of our Company and well-known range of tinting equipment successfully present on the market, by now. Plenty of wide-ranging international contacts, allowed us to strengthen our position and promote the guideline of our products developed, since the beginning, with the unique aim to grant the highest performance level. In a setting of a trade show considered, by now, as the main benchmark of the whole coatings field, remarkable has been the interest earned by all the products displayed on the booth: from manual to electronic tinting machines, from the electronic gyroscopic mixer to the manual one as well as the efficient remote Technical Assistance Service.



Nuernberg - Germany 



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