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Founded over 20 years ago, EDEL covering a total of 5.000mq area of which 2.500 are indoor and it always focused its activity and efforts in the planning of very high performance tinting equipment only. Accuracy, high quality raw material and components, the best User-friendly solutions and customized service and products characterize Companyís policy and way of thinking of its staff towards Customers. EDEL offers technological advanced solutions but always customized thanks to the attention paid to the evolution of the market and the study of new projects that better meet with its requirements. The readiness to collaborate with paint manufacturers, basically considered as Partner and not just Customers, allows the Company to promote tinting equipment built strictly in accordance with their needs, developing dedicated test between systems and tinting equipment with the aim to reach the best 100% tailor-made products. The wide range of products and services includes manual and automatic machines, gyroscopic and vibrational shakers providing plenty of patented devices, User graphic interfaces and dedicated laboratory software completely EDELís brainchild. Last but not least, a network of technicians that, during the years, granted the precious possibility to achieve a broad experience offering maintenance and technical assistance service on every kind of tinting equipment.

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Contact Information

+39 0535 761611
+39 0535 761606
Postal address
Via Venezia 6 - 41034 Finale Emilia (MO) - Italy
Electronic mail
General Information info@edeldispenser.com
Sales sales@edeldispenser.com
Customer Support maintenance@edeldispenser.com

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EDEL Engine Dispenser Electronic srl
Via Venezia 6 - 41034 Finale Emilia (MO) - Italy
Tel. +39 0535 761611 - Fax +39 0535 761606 - info@edeldispenser.com
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